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From: "Paul J. Harris" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Place Name Help....
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 00:06:59 -0500
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Hi Rich,

Without taking a lot of time to look at this right now, I would say you are
on the right track. Place Name variations are one of the most powerful
features of Genbox. Adding Name Variations on the Names Tab of the Local
Site Place Record may not be the most intuitive process, but it is powerful.
If you go to the Local Site of "John Pabich" and click on the Names Tab,
then hit F1 for Help, you will be presented with a lot to ponder. Try a few
tests, and you may find this works for you.



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> Subject: [GENBOX] Place Name Help....
> Hi,
> I have created a template for a US Census for an entry where the
> person resides on a farm. It is....
> [P] appeared on < a census | the US Census of [DY] residing on
> the [0L] [PP=] [T] [1L]> in [2L-]
> In the example of output below, the Local Site (1L) would be;
> farm of John Pabich. Where the "farm of" section is the leading modifier.
> Also, the Detail field is used as the Individuals relationship to
> the Head of household, in this case; husband. This gives me the output of:
> Stanislawa Sniegowska appeared on the US Census of 1930 residing
> on the farm of her husband John Pabich in Withee Township, Clark
> County, Wisconsin.1
> So far, so good..... but in my Sources I have followed Paul's
> method for Sourcing by having a Census Page as the Higher Source
> and each line entry as a lower source (my apologies to Cheri).
> The Source name records the individual's name as recorded in the
> Census, misspellings and all.
> Finally my question!!! I would like to have the output reflect
> the misspelled names in the output so, since I would have
> numerous local sites reflecting the variations ... "the farm of
> John Pabich".... "the farm of John Pabick"..... "the farm of John
> Pabach", how would I handle these different "names" for the same
> Local Site?
> Would they be something along the lines of different NAMES for
> the same PLACE?
> Thanks to all.
> Rich
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