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From: "Shelley" <>
Subject: Setting Living
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 11:39:24 +1000


While I'm in a writing-to-the-Genbox-list mood, I wanted to again raise the
issue of identifying living people for reports and charts. I wrote about a
year ago on this and was referred to the archives of about June 2004 where a
discussion of "setting living" had taken place.

The outcome of that discussion seemed to be that having people with no birth
or death date be assumed deceased would be a better option than having them
assumed living. This makes sense to me, as the living flag can override a
decision that someone is dead, but there is (currently) no way of overriding
a decision that someone is living! At present I have far too many 'living'
people for the different levels of privacy to be of any use to me (and I am
not prepared to corrupt my data with estimated dates).

Are there any plans to alter the way that identification of living
individuals works in coming versions? If not, could it be considered please?


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