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From: "Claire Quortrup" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Report Bugs ?
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 20:36:08 -0600
References: <000701c52ff3$a7acdf50$0200a8c0@quortrup> <>


Thanks for your reply and confirmation of the problems. Makes me feel
somewhat better knowing this a Genbox problem and not mine.

Now Bill, how about these problems? Any hope of getting some fixes any
time soon? Know you are working to get out the new upgrade in the next
few days. But maybe shortly after that?


From: "Kathy Lenerz" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Report Bugs ?

> Claire Quortrup wrote:
> > Family Group Report:
> > 1. When "All Levels" of Places is checked on the report Detail Tab
> > Place Modifiers do not print on the report.
> I can confirm this.
> > 2. On the children's listings if a spouse is named on the
> > record but no marriage date or place is entered then the Spouse's
> > does not print. Tried entering a sort date but that does not help.
> Confirmed.
> > 3. When there are 2 or more pages in the report the last child
> > on a page often has the data split with the remaining data
> > on the next page. This not only looks sloppy but is a bit
> > disconcerting in my opinion. Shouldn't a child's information be
> > completed on the page started on or if not a enough room on that
> > then the whole block of information printed on the next page?
> Agreed. Although this can be "fixed" in a word processor, most
> genealogy programs have an option to prevent this, thus not
requiring a
> fix. This has been mentioned on the list before.
> > On both the Family Group & Individual Narrative reports on the
> > Tab if you change the Start Page numbers to say "3" it does not
> > The first page number is always "1".
> Confirmed.
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