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From: "wim prange" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Import of place names from GEDCOM
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 22:30:45 +0100
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Hi Geir,

There are a couple of things Genbox will NOT do when importing
place-records. First, Genbox will not create Placename-variants for places.
The gedcom has no such thing for places so it would be wrong for GB to
assume such a thing. First and foremost: Genbox should import the Place as
Keep in mind, a placename-variant does not have to be another name for the
place, but also a different higher level hierarchy.

When importing, Genbox takes the entire name, including all higher levels,
and starting at the lowest level, matches that against existing records. If
the record exists and has the exact same hierarchy, it will take that
record. But, as soon as there is a variation in the higher level (a missing
one, or an extra level in between), it will create a separate placerecord
(and another placenamerecord) for that place. GB then moves on to the next
level in the hierarchy and runs this same routine from the start again: does
this match another place+hierarchy already in the database or not.
Afterwords the user should make the decision whether this is really a
different place or only a placenamevariant.

In regard to importing as Local Sites, GB is in my opinion a bit 'reluctant'
to import places as Local Sites. If it can avoid it, it will preferably
import it from City/Town and up. There is a provision for the English
language in this: when the name has something like "Church", "Farm", "House"
etc. in it, GB will use that and import the place as as a Local Site.
Ofcourse, when the higher levels are allready there and the lowest is
allready a City/Town, it then will proceed with giving it the level Local

My data came from Legacy which uses some sort of Places-table as well (I've
never figured out how TMG had organised their places, it seemed to me that
every mentioning of a place in events was a placerecord in itself: a change
in the 'Masterrecord' did not reflect any change in an event itself).
I assumed that I had a very clean placeslist in Legacy, with no
'inconsistencies', because I had devoted a lot of time and effort to it.
After I reviewed my places in Genbox and went back to Legacy to check, I
found that there were indeed some inconsistencies in the 'higher levels' in
Legacy. It was only through Genbox that I found this out.

Gr. Wim

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From: "Geir Thorud" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 9:48 PM
Subject: SV: [GENBOX] Import of place names from GEDCOM

> Hi Anne,
> > Since I remeber the enormous amount of cleanup
> > on places in TMG seems to me both program
> > makes it necessary to work with it afterwards.
> I don't see a need for a cleanup if you have entered the
> data properly in the first place. Could you give a gedcom
> example describing the problem with TMG?
> > I think however it would be better if you gave concrete examples
> > on what is in your Gedcom file, and how it is imported into
> > Genbox and how you would expect it to be imported.
> I have included my first message posted 3 days ago, below.
> It contains examples.
> Gr. Geir
> ------
> Hi,
> Genbox does not seem to import place hierarchies
> properly when there are missing "levels" in the
> hierarchy.
> For example:
> Mæhlum, Brøttum, Ringsaker, Hedmark - Mæhlum is imported as Local site.
> Tjerne, , Ringsaker, Hedmark - Tjerne is imported as City/Town
> - note , , - missing level.
> I would expect both to be imported to the same level
> in the hierarchy, i.e. as a Local site.
> ----
> Also, when I add country level in the Gedcom file,
> for example
> Mæhlum, Brøttum, Ringsaker, Hedmark, Norway
> both of the two lover levels are imported as Local sites.
> It would have been better to utilise more of the levels
> in the Genbox hierarchy so that only one level in the
> Gedcom file is mapped to Local site.
> In general more control over the mapping on import is
> needed.
> Does anyone know if Genbox supports the FORM "Place_hierarchy"
> structure in the Gedcom standard?
> Regards
> Geir
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