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From: "Geir Thorud" <>
Subject: Import of place names from GEDCOM
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 00:15:57 +0100


Genbox does not seem to import place hierarchies
properly when there are missing "levels" in the

For example:

Mæhlum, Brøttum, Ringsaker, Hedmark - Mæhlum is imported as Local site.

Tjerne, , Ringsaker, Hedmark - Tjerne is imported as City/Town
- note , , - missing level.

I would expect both to be imported to the same level
in the hierarchy, i.e. as a Local site.


Also, when I add country level in the Gedcom file,
for example

Mæhlum, Brøttum, Ringsaker, Hedmark, Norway

both of the two lover levels are imported as Local sites.
It would have been better to utilise more of the levels
in the Genbox hierarchy so that only one level in the
Gedcom file is mapped to Local site.

In general more control over the mapping on import is

Does anyone know if Genbox supports the FORM "Place_hierarchy"
structure in the Gedcom standard?


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