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From: "E.Rodier" <>
Subject: trial version concerns
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 13:21:30 -0700
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Genbox 3.x is two years old. "CINCINNATI, OHIO February 8, 2003 --
Thoughtful Creations today announced the release of Genbox Family History

I'm trying to find out if the trial code used by 30-day software demos like
Genbox 3 and TMG 6 has a conflict with the "days remaining" shown when the
software is _installed_ a week or two after the program file download. Some
programs require uninstall of a trial version when a registered product is
loaded. I've worked with various public Beta tests of image software since

When Genbox has a new version, existing customers and researchers currently
using other products might want to work with a trial before paying for an
upgrade or whole version. Is it safe to load two or more 30 day trial
versions on the same computer to compare features? Is it safe to delay the
installation or is some hidden file written to the hard drive?

Do developers test trial versions on computers with commonly used and
competing programs? Some products have limited feature demos with 50 names
and some have a free or "lite" version that allows an unlock code to be
entered for more features. I don't expect to need to uninstall trial
software when the screen tells me it has 10 days or more left.

Registered Genbox customers and Beta testers would not be working with the
trial version for comparing features like a potential Genbox customer
looking for a different genealgoy program.

Would two trial programs have a conflict with the trial code? A trial
version installed on Jan 1 should not have expired on Jan 22 but the program
file had been downloaded on Dec 22.

Genealogy programs sometimes use program files of different versions. Trial
Dec 2004 file for PDF reports was an older version than the same file used
by a registered program. -- Elizabeth

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From: "Phil. Warn"
no trial software would require anything so dramatic as a re-formatting of
any hard drive.

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