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From: "E.Rodier" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Ordering Events with no dates
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 10:23:50 -0700
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Does Genbox export GEDCOMs with notes split "old style" between whole words?
Other genealogy programs have switched to splitting notes in the middle of
words like PAF and Legacy. Average family historians ask for printed
directions and personalized help for "simple" software programs. They are
unlikely to manage Genbox with a trial version and no printed manual.

Will not load _any_ time limited trial versions in future, though I will
consider purchase of additional genealogy programs if the users are happy
with features that are not in my main program. I paid for one genealogy
program in 2004 that was far short of expectations for "new" charts. If
advertised features like GEDCOM export from a specific program are not
discussed, a mailing list reader will probably guess that there are some

Highly skilled researchers can use a software program of choice for a one
person project, however I've been the main family historian for several
branches of our family since 1967. Relatives with computers live in areas
with limited Internet service. Several waiting for snail-mail replies to
their December cards will think I'm lost!

Had to reformat my hard drive _twice_ after loading the trial version of
Genbox soon after it was released. Reformatted in January 2005 after loading
the trial of TMG 6 (before the 30 day expiration date) and earlier using
trial of another genealogy program.

Some of the genealogy programs use older versions of the same files and one
shut down a feature in my main data entry program (two files open) until the
computer was restarted. -- Elizabeth

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From: "Paul J. Harris"
> It may not be NECESSARY to have your receiver buy Genbox. Didn't Bill tell
> us that one way to send data on a CD to people was to accompany the
> database
> with a trial version of Genbox? That way they could open the database and
> work with it for 30 days, after which, it became read only, no data entry?

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