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From: "Debbie Wesley" <>
Subject: Web Site
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 07:32:11 -0500

I wanted to share the current status of the project that has consumed me for
the last few months. After becoming dissatisfied with the HTML output of any
of the major web site generators (especially as related to the GEDCOM output
by Genbox) I decided to write my own code to dynamically generate my site
from the Genbox database. While I am not quite done (with Phase I) it is
close enough that I am interested in feedback.

I have decided to separate my research into "Communities" under the theory
that someone searching for my paternal grandfather's MARVEL ancestry is just
not interested in my maternal grandmother's McCORD ancestry. (At least, I am
often overwhelmed when I find a hit on another site to figure out how much
applies to me.) So to this aim I have divided my tree into 19 communities -
tagging each person with a family code.

I am still entering data into Genbox that will help drive these sites. For
instance, right now the "Feature Photo" on every community is the same photo
- serving as a place holder until I link my hundreds of photos. As you
browse the majority of links are live - the major exception is the "Library"
- I have yet to write the code to display media exhibits such as obituaries.
There is also a tremendous amount of fine-tuning - items I consider to be
part of Phase 2 (and probably Phase 3). I do not handle witnesses (since I
do not use them), I do not handle some Source Template codes that I do not
use, there are punctuation errors in the Sources listed under Resources, and
I have a tremendous amount of data clean-up still left form my conversion to
Genbox. I need to add most of my Most Wanted data (which I am doing under
Projects in Genbox.) The list goes on and on.

So you can see I have much to do, but as I said, I wanted to share my
progress to date. So if you have time take a peek at

You could also look at
<>; or
<>; , although you will see they have a few
more "holes".

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