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From: Don Zochert <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Control over Genbox Data
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 21:52:37 -0600

Paul wrote:

> Since you are probably interested in the events linked to one source...

Hi, Paul,

You've convinced me to forget about this particular report <g>!

Here's what I was looking for: The three outputted forms (primary,
second cite, and bibliographical) of a source in my database, such as
Berry and Berry's _Early Ohio Settlers_; general or research notes
connected to that source; and all citations to that source. For each
citation, the report would show the name of the principal, his or her ID
number, the name of the event (birth, death, etc.) or record linked to
the source, the CD, and any CD annotations. A much less sophisticated
program than GB can produce a report like this in two clicks from the
time you select your target source on a pick list.

The value of such a report is that it shows at a glance whether your
source is outputting correctly in all three forms and tells you
something about the events that are linked to it. In a way, I guess, you
can find these things on the Format and Links tabs of a source in View
Sources; but the info's in two different places and it's not a report.

Your Citations Report approach certainly is much better than what I was
trying with a Source Report. But I found using the Select button to
filter for the source of interest very non-intuitive. For one thing,
using the Select button calls up a dialogue to select citations, not
sources. To filter for a source, you've either got to remember the
source name exactly (unlikely in my case) or fake a mistaken source
name, enter it in the source text box on the select citation form, tell
another dialogue that you *don't* want to create a new source with that
name, then select the source you *do* want from a pick list. Another
click will let you select the linked records and get you back to square
one, the key tab of report setup. Still, I hacked through this a few
times and used the contents tab to get a couple approximations of what I
was after. I couldn't get event names to output (birth, death, etc.),
however, so I must not have gone the last mile.

As for the output of source templates, I think your suggestion produces
a listing of the three templates for each source in my database, not a
listing of the three templates for each source *type* in my database. I
guess I didn't state the desired result well enough.


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