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From: "s.lloyd9" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Begging the Report Question
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 08:25:36 +0100
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Hi again Cheri,
Oops - you are quite right it doesn't work does it - all years as you say.
Try this (if you haven't already):-
Choose 'Individual - Date Range' Report. Select List Members. On the
Content Tab select Events from the drop down List, Highlight 'Event' in the
'Available Fields' box, tick 'Type' under 'Multiple Events', choose
Cen-LkUp from the dropdown List, move back to the 'Available Fields' ,
highlight ' Event date', enter the year in the Filter Field, move selection
to right hand 'Selected Fields'. Highlight 'Event Research Note', again
move selection to 'Selected Fields', repeat for 'Event Place' if you want
that included. Name and ID are included in the 'Selected Fields' by
default I seem to remember, otherwise of course you'll have to select
them too.

Does this give you what you want?
Odd, I included Event Place, but I'm not getting the Local Site in my report
and I can't see why.


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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
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Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2004 5:19 AM
Subject: [GENBOX] Begging the Report Question

> I still haven't gotten sufficient answers to run the report that I want so
> I'll try again, hoping someone can give me absolutely the lowest level
> explanation/steps needed to accomplish this:
> I have events called Cen-LkUp. Each of those events has a Research Note
> a Date (year only). I want a report that will give me the Name & Research
> Note for every individual that has a Cen-LkUp event with a date of 1850
> 1860, or 1870, etc.). Some people have Cen-LkUp events with differing
> dates, i.e., they may have one for 1850 and 1870, etc. Some folks only
> one Cen-LkUp event. I need to get a list of individuals on a year-by-year
> basis. For example I want *everyone* who has a Cen-LkUp event for 1860,
> another report for 1870, etc. I do not want "mixed years" in a single
> report.
> Usually my reports are blank when I try running them. When I do get one
> 1860, it contains only two names. Yet when I run a query for all Cen-LkUp
> events with a date of 1860, I get 13 hits. Of those 13, I'm getting the 2
> that show up when I try to run the report. I can't figure out why the
> 11 names are hiding from me when I run the report, but are there when I do
> query.
> I've tinkered with this for at least 4 hours over the course of 3 or 4
> and still can't get the *&^%$#@~)_+$%^ report out! I really, really need
> get these reports generated before Monday.
> I'm sending a box of goodies to the first person who can give me steps
> result in complete and accurate report results and who will provide their
> snail mail address for shipping of same. I'm absolutely at wits' end; Wim
> offered to help, but mail to him is bouncing.
> CheriC
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