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From: "Michel Vuijlsteke" <>
Subject: [GENBOX] sourcing wizard
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 12:18:05 +0100

I don't have that much else to do :) so I thought I'd flesh out my wizard
idea a bit.

Here's how I would see a wizard that would guide a user to add source
information to an assertion.

Step 1. Explain the process, choose existing source or new source.
For existing sources: show last x used (10?) + "More...", and/or allow
typing in the combobox, continue with step 2.
For new sources: create the new source first (see below), then continue

Step 2. Format the citation
a. Show what the citation looks like (as in primary citation on formatting
tab). Ask if this is specific enough to find the necessary support for the
assertion. If not, add "where in source" information + refresh preview
b. Do you want to add an introduction to the citation, e.g. "Birth date can
be deduced from" or "Name variation as seen in signature on"? If so, add
"lead text" + refresh preview.
c. Do you want to add an annotation, e.g. "Additional information in the
margin" or "Very poor quality copy"? If so, add "annotation" + refresh

Step 3. Support level and credibility
a. How much does the source (name) support you assertion (detail)? Radio
buttons for the differrnt support levels + short explanation
b. How much credibility do you attach to the source? Radio buttons for the
differrent credibility levels + short explanation
c. Do you want to briefly explain why you believe the cited source is
relevant to the current assertion? This information is for your own personal
research purposes, and does not normally appear on output reports. You can
store here the reasons why you assigned a low/high support level or low/high
credibility, or the facts extracted from the source that you think make your
case, or personal reminders of work yet to be performed. If so, add
"rationale" info.

Step 4. Surety
Show the assertion and list all different citations for the assertion
(highlight the latest one).
"With all these citations, how sure are you of this assertion?" Radio
buttons for surety levels + explanation.

Step 5. The end
Showa final preview of the assertion + footnotes.
Offer the chance to manually fine tune: open citation and source window.

Now there are a few obvious problems, mostly because in "normal use" you
tend to sometimes go back and fort between the citation and the source, so
if you see there's something wrong in step 2 you'd have to be able to go to
the source definition to change the formatting-- and the wizard should
abviously be in a modal window, so you can't do anything else than the
wizard unless you close it.

I also don't really see how you could make a good wizard to add new sources,
because any (hard coded) wizard is going to have to depend on the
(non-modified!) existence of certain sources.

What I *can* see however, is source wizards for certain common types f
sources. In Belgium those would be birth/death/marriage civil records,
baptism/burial/marriage church records, photos, interviews, books, etc.


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