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From: Robin Lamacraft <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Chart Features Gone Haywire
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 08:43:47 +1030
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At 18:14 4/03/2004 +0000, Ron O'Neill wrote:
>We are getting really diss-illusioned with the program now, every time
>there's an update it appears that another problem rears it's ugly head.

There seems to be a number of areas of instability in the charting.
Probably because it is only the commercial printers that push the whole
envelop of the features that we will see them first.

>As far as we are aware we were the first commercial printer of large charts
>to use the program and we were singing the programs praises when it first
>came out but some of the charting features are now sadly lacking and appear
>to have gone off the rails, is it the updates that are messing things up.
>Every chart we have ever printed (and there's been a few hundred) we've had
>the problem of cut off names but this latest increasing of font size while
>adjusting the box border size is a new one. We would appreciate you having a
>look Bill.

It was when Trevor and Mary Rix of TWR Computing (UK agents for GenBox and
TMG) visited us in Adelaide just before last Xmas that I was encouraged to
revisit Genbox. They had told us of Ron O'Neill's enthusiasm for the output
of the program. Genbox shows a lot of potential to service my client's
requirements, but the uncertainty of the outcome is worrying.

To illustrate a problem that I described earlier I have put up a number of

We start from a chart as generated
block select and drag to right to get
block select and drag upwards to get
save as GCT and then re-open to get

I think this shows that there is something seriously wrong. Note that the
line styles have changed and that some text is blanked.


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