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From: Robin Lamacraft <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Charts: Separate colours for Link line types?
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 08:01:56 +1030
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Comment below.

At 18:50 4/03/2004 +0100, Wim wrote:
>Hi Robin,
> > What I think would be more logical would be to _move_
> > from the Styles tab
> > to the Links tab
> > the Connect (Style, Width and Colour) controls
> > as the first row of controls on the Links tab.
> > (The Style tab feels quite crowded, so this would relieve it a bit.)
> >
> > On the Links tab, for each Link line type, on the right to add a "Width"
> > field and a "Colour" button for each of the line types. There is space on
> > this Links tab to achieve this without confusing the user. This would
> > overcome the confusion in the settings that Wim described and also give me
> > the flexibility that I would like to have for the colours of the various
> > link types.
>I agree that the Styles-tab is quite crowded. But there is a difference in the
>effect setting these options have. The settings on the Styles-tab only have
>effect on the selected group of inds in "Box Style for". The setting on the
>Links-tab have effect on the entire database.

That is *not* what I want - I had failed to see the difference in the tab
set up (I wonder how many other users fail to perceive that difference as
they tab through the settings).

I need that these settings be able on a per list-query basis, so the top of
the Links tab needs to be like the Styles tab with the area labels as "Line
Styles for:" etc.

>Setting Partners to Wavy will
>show all partner-links as wavy. You cannot set this to Jagged for another
>group in the same chart.

This is a problem with global settings.

I have had another request which I don't think Bill will countenance (it
requires a major reworking of the charting code).

Request for separate "father-to-child" and "mother-to-child" lines:
I have had a request for separate drawing and control of lines for
"father-to-child" and "mother-to-child" as a better way of showing blended
families, with separate line style / colour coding to enable the family
structure to be easily seen. Then you can easily see "his" children, "her"
children and "their" children.


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