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From: Murray Lynn <>
Subject: [GENBOX] Projects and Research
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 12:29:03 +1300
In-Reply-To: <000501c3fefb$f8bf5140$>

I have just been exploring these features and (apart from a small issue
below) they work exactly as I want them to (unlike "the other" program)
- wonderful!!

The hierarchy doesn't work as expected. I entered 4 projects and
included a number of research targets for each.

1In the Hierarchy window the first record does not appear as a
box but the other three do. (Hang on - this was fixed when I shut and
restarted Genbox - all 4 then appeared at the top level on the diagram)

2I expected that dragging a Level 0 project onto another Level 0
to make it a sub-project would make it Level 1, but it always remains
level 0. Similarly dragging a level 1 (created with CTRL-L) up or down
does not change its level.

3Initially my 4 projects were all on the same level but I dragged
2,3 and 4 to below 1. I can no longer drag these three up to the top or
drag 1 down. Is 1 intended as the overall master? If so why didn't it
appear at the top level initially?

4The sequence number in the report always remains as 0. I thought
this would be the order of the project in the level

What I have now is Project 1 at the top (Level 0), Project 5 (the level
1 created with CTRL) below it and showing Level 1 and the other three
Level 0 projects below that all showing Level 0. I then highlighted one
of the latter 3 projects and used CTRL-N to make a new project (Project
6). This created a project at the same level as Project 1 (ie in the
very top row). Project 1 (and the whole substructure) can be now be
dragged onto Project 6 but not up again.

I think that the level should change as they are dragged and that there
needs to be a way of dragging projects back up to level 0 perhaps a
dummy icon at level -1.


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