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From: "C. Phillip Rhoton, MD" <>
Subject: RE:[GENBOX] Illegitimate children/nontraditional families in Genbox
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 20:29:12 -0500
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Apologies for not getting back to you last night on this. In regards to the
chart that is exactly what I'm seeing.


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your detailed analysis.

I tracked down the problem with unmarried couples labeled "wife/husband" in
the sentence introducing the list of children, and have that corrected in
3.1.5. The correct way to mark couples as unmarried is to set the "Partner"
flag on the Family page. This was being used for the Family Group Sheet, but
it wasn't being checked for the narrative reports. This correction also
fixed the problem with the count of spouses.

I haven't looked yet at how the spouses are being sorted.

On the charts: it appears the problem is not with the illegitimate children,
but with the "unknown partner". For a known partner, the second set of
children are showing up fine for me. Is that what you are seeing?

-- Bill

William T. Flight

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