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From: "Beth Gay" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Higher and Lower Sources
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 22:24:08 -0500
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I have been confused on this issue before. Cheri helped my understanding of
the higher and lower sources.
I decided to treat the sources such as yours at the document level source
and use the CD for the details. For a higher level source, I intend to use
that for items where there is actually a source within a source. For example
a book with deed transcriptions, will abstracts, or sourced family
histories, etc. Not sure if this is correct but it is the way that I have
interpreted the usage.
Of course there is a variable for any source. If your newspaper article,
cited another source, then it would be treated differently. I don't believe
that you need to have more than one entry for one source. Multiple
citations; but only one source.


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From: "Kathy Lenerz" <>

> I have been reading this thread with interest. Conceptually, using
> multi-level sourcing seems to make sense. Practically, I have a harder
> time with it. My concern is that it seems to require a lot more data
> entry work.
> Here is my situation: I have a number of higher level sources from which
> I extract information: church record books, vital records entered in
> registers, newspaper articles and tidbits. What I would really like to
> do with these is have one higher level source and enter the citation AND
> text in the citation box/window. However, there is no place to enter
> text there. Therefore, I have to choose whether to make each baptismal
> entry or newspaper tidbit a separate source or whether to create a
> superordinate source, with these as lower level documents. To give you
> an idea of the magnitude of these "documents," here are a few examples:
> Baptismal entry:
> Die vigesima quarta xbris 2a. matin natus et eadem renatus est Michael
> filius legitimus Adami Lenert custodis ovium et Annae Mariae Scheer
> conjugum ex Britten. Levantibus Michaele Schuligen et Helena Brausch
> adolescenta, ambobus ex Britten.
> Newspaper item:
> Mr. John Baltes is having a large barn built this fall. Master
> carpenter John Schwarz is doing the work.
> Newspaper item:
> Mrs. John Lenertz is still on the sick list.
> I have dozens of baptismal entries from the same register and hundreds
> of newspaper items from the same newspaper.
> It would make conceptual sense to decide that a baptismal entry,
> marriage entry, or newspaper piece is a lower level "document" in a
> higher level source, and use multi-level sourcing. Practically,
> however, this requires setting up a new (lower level) source for each
> 9-word item from a newspaper, and coming up with a name for each such
> sentence from the gossip column. (As an aside, this was a GREAT place
> to obtain information!)
> The alternative would be to just use the newspaper, baptismal register,
> or vital record register as a higher-level source, entering all extracts
> consecutively on the same evidence page. In order to keep all these
> extracts straight, however, this method would require labeling them all,
> e.g., date and page no. Since the date and page number are already
> entered in the citation record, this is double entry of the same
> information. Plus, I think that it would be cumbersome to have to
> scroll through hundreds of entries to find what one wants.
> Both of these methods seem like a lot more work than what I am used to
> in the "other" program-- enter both the citation detail and extract on
> the citation entry screen.
> As I try out this program, this seems like one major stumbling block to
> me. Any thoughts on this situation or my thinking here would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Kathy

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