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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Higher and Lower sources
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 22:55:12 -0700
In-Reply-To: <000701c378e5$6d5448f0$0100a8c0@beth>

Beth - It seems to me that a Deed Book with an associated deed or deeds
(selected page numbers) is a Document Within a Source. You could set up the
Deed Book as the higher source and individual deeds as Documents W/in the

As for birth certificates, it appears to me that what you are attempting to
do here is set up a generic birth certificate entry for a given state and
supply the name and certificate number. You *can* do this, however, after I
set up a bunch this way, I discovered that my bibliography entries were
incorrect and I just made a separate source for each birth certificate and
each death certificate. You can use the same concept above, wherein the
higher source contains all of the information for a given state and then the
lower source(s) have the names and certificate numbers but you are still
creating a separate source for each item.

The idea of linked sources -- higher and lower -- does not have to refer to
the actual structure of the sources themselves, but rather how you structure
them to create such linkages. In other words, just because a birth
certificate is technically a document, there is no reason whatsoever that
you can't treat it as a document w/in a source if you want and utilize your
personal doc number as part of the name for the lower source.

I hope this is clear or perhaps I am misunderstanding what you want to do,
but I belive that it is already possible to do what you want to accomplish.
In any event, linking a lower source to a higher source is still going to
require that you create a separate unique source for each "lower" instance
or document.

For your deeds, if the Deed Book (arguendo, let's say that it is Vol. 10),
is identified as something like KY Hickman Deed Book Vol. 10, then when you
create a lower source for a specific deed, you could name that lower source
KY Hickman Deed Book Vo1. 10, pp. 1-13 or KY Hickman Deed Book Vol. 10, pp.
1-13, Roberts to Gray (or whatever your document ID number is). However, to
my way of thinking you are going to have a lot of extraneous lower sources
if you make each deed from the same volume a unique source instead of using
the CD field to record the page numbers. You can also use the Notes fields
for the source or the Extracts fields to record additional information, such

Smith Deed, p. 12
Pitt Deed, p. 46

Then instead of having a separate source for each deed within the volume,
you would have one source for the volume, use the CD field for the page
numbers, and could go to the notes section to see your explanatory material.

While this won't place the DId# into the source title, the information will
all be there. If you know by looking at your docs where they came from
(this deed came from KY Hickman Vol. 10), is there some compelling reason
why you need the page numbers in your title or is it just a matter of
personal preference?


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From: Beth Gay [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2003 9:22 PM
Subject: [GENBOX] Higher and Lower sources

Hello list,
I have discovered that my idea of entering my document file number in the
name box for the source will not work for document level sources. It seems
to me that the program should be changed to allow for a higher level source
for documents. I know that there is a work around for this but it seems to
be a work around that could be avoided with some changes.

For instance, I used the document level source Deed Book so and so and cited
the page number. My personal document file number refers to the specific
page numbers of the deed book. For birth certificates, document level only,
I cited the birth certificate number so that I could use that source for
other birth certificates in the same state.
I believe that documents of this type should be included in the higher level
source option.


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