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From: "Beth Gay" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Merging Databases
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 21:32:58 -0500
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Paul and Cherie,
My experience with family genealogy programs is extremely limited. I have
previously entered only basic data in Reunion and Generations. I was using
an Access program written by my husband for my main data entry; but was
frustrated by the search capabilities and limited formatting. The search
capabilities were limited due to my ignorance in creating queries, etc. that
would produce my desired results.
Anyway in the month of June or July, I started looking for alternative
programs and chose Legacy and Genbox. I understand that Legacy has drag and
drop; but I have not tried it myself. I liked Legacy but was not satisfied
with the source capabilities. I was looking for a program with excellent
source and citation capabilities; and excellent reports and one that would
handle all of my data. Genbox seems to be the perfect fit; if I can master
the program.

But back to what I am trying to do. I created a new database without the
places so I wanted to open that database and my initial Coker database and
place the names, sources, etc. in the new database but not the places and
reenter the places. I am not fond of typing so I thought that I could drag
and drop but I guess cut and paste will work just as well. There may be
problems with this idea, so let me know. I could work on my places in my
present database and export the file to a GB-file and rid myself of the gaps
in the places as Wim suggested.

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From: "Paul J. Harris" <>
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Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2003 8:21 PM
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Merging Databases

> Beth,
> I CAN tell you that you can have two databases open at the same time,
> perhaps more. However, I don't THINK that drag and drop will work, as I am
> not aware of the ability to drag and drop anything WITHIN a database, let
> alone between them. You could, however, rather easily copy and paste
> the databases. I haven't used them all, but have you used genealogy
> where this is possible?
> Others may have more knowledge of this capability, or its limitations.
> Paul

> From: Beth Gay [mailto:]

> Thanks Wim, for your help. Can you or other list members tell me if this
> only wishful thinking or is there a way to do the following?
> Can I open 2 databases at one time and drag and drop information from one
> the other?
> Beth

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