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From: "Paul J. Harris" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Version 3.0.22 Places-Local Site and Leading Modifiers
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 11:05:14 -0400
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Sounds good. Awaiting .23. Have time AND data to run it through its paces
this week. <g>

I just ran across a situation where a family lived at the following

19202412 Ralph Street
19306012 Ralph Avenue
19506012 Menahan Street

Noticing the similarities, further investigation led me to conclude that
they never moved during this time. Same house, but an apparent renumbering
of addresses and name change of the street. GenBox is the only program that
will allow me to record this accurately and treat it as a single location.
Thank you, Bill.


PS Is there still any thinking of LINKING Local Sites? A great application
of this, where you have a lot of detailed information, would be gravesites
in a cemetery. You could have separate lat/longs for the grave and the
cemetery and attach media and other source documents such as plot deeds. To
get anal, you could have a grave linked to a plot linked to a section linked
to a cemetery.

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From: William T. Flight [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 10:13 AM
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Version 3.0.22 Places-Local Site and Leading

> This is a tough one. Seems there are two problems with it. Looks as if a
> string of numbers is allowed at the beginning of a Name, as long as it is
> followed by a space and capital letter or a capital letter, otherwise it
> considered a modifier. So, even if you allow the "th" in 40th Street to be
> part of the name (as I can do by capitalizing the TH), because there is a
> space between the address and 40th, the address still gets parsed out as a
> leading modifier.

Hi Paul,

I have this one fixed too, although didn't mention it. "4248 52nd Street"
will all be recognized as street address. In fact, "2453 3498 1234565532
Magnolia" will also work.

Instead of matching on "st", "nd", "rd", "th", I went with treating any
"word" that starts with a number and contains lowercase as part of the local
site, unless followed by a word that starts with a lowercase letter. So, the
text "probably 200 - 300ft north of 224gpzgh 945xyz 1011bin Blvd." would
parse correctly.

> The auto separation of modifiers is a really nice feature of GB, but it IS
> very difficult to come up with an every case algorithm. I guess what
> surprised me was with the introduction of the Place Magnifier, that
> modifiers and local site names defined in that dialogue don't "stick." It
> would appear that the purpose of the magnifier would be to "override" the
> auto parsing and cause the name to "stick." Seems that a name "defined" in
> the magnifier gets created, but when selected in a place field gets
> automatically "torn" apart.
> Perhaps an alternative would be to define a Local Site Name within
> delimiters that would not be parsed, i.e., |1066 40th Street|. I guess the
> problem is not in the Local Site Name table, but in how that information
> interpreted when displayed in a Local Site field on an Event Record. Maybe
> tagging a name created in the magnifier to prevent auto parsing??? But
> there is also the issue of looking at an Event Record and visually
> interpreting where the modifier ends and the name begins. Maybe a
> color for the modifier???

Some tough issues, yes. "Remembering" the place modifier defined in the
Magnify Place dialog becomes a problem as soon as a user edits a place field
directly; since the text has changed, we need to reinterpret it, and so the
default rules for parsing come back into play. The rules should be refined
for correct parsing in most cases, and then the user can use the Magnify
Place dialog for his exceptions. They should then stick until he edits the
place field directly.

-- Bill

William T. Flight
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From: "Paul J. Harris" <>
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Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 9:40 AM
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Version 3.0.22 Places-Local Site and Leading Modifiers

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