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From: "William T. Flight" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Version 3.0.22 Places-Local Site and Leading Modifiers
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 22:33:29 -0400
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Hi Paul,

Your example is one I hadn't considered, thanks.

Hmmm. I could search for "st", "nd", "rd", "th" following a number, as in
"1st", "2nd" , "3rd", "4th Street". If followed by a lowercase word, it
would become a modifier again, as in "the 2nd seat, 4th row, of Fenway

Anybody know of other "words" used in addresses that begin with numbers?

-- Bill

William T. Flight
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From: "Paul J. Harris" <>
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Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2003 6:36 PM
Subject: [GENBOX] Version 3.0.22 Places-Local Site and Leading Modifiers

> Hi Bill,
> Thanks for the update. I immediately focused on the provision for using
> street numbers for Local Site names. I was able to change {386} Prospect
> Avenue to 386 Prospect Avenue and make it stick as a Place Name without a
> problem. However, there is a stickier situation that I'm not sure how to
> resolve:
> {406 40th} Street will not convert to 406 40th Street. I think I can get
> to:
> {406} 40TH Street, but some or all of the numbers are considered Leading
> Modifiers. Apparently the algorithm does not allow for a break in the
> series, especially when followed by lower case letters.
> If I go the Local Site record and change the name to 406 40th Street, then
> link the record to an Event Place and open the Place Magnifier, it
> automatically parses "406 40th" as the Leading Modifier and "Street" as
> Local Site. If I capitalize the TH in 40th to 40TH, then "406" is parsed
> the leading modifier and "40TH Street" is the Local Site.
> So, it appears that Local Site names can start with numbers, only as long
> the next character after a space and the end of the number series is a
> capital letter? I can see why this may be set up this way to accommodate
> phrases such as "2 miles north of the Town House School," but what's a
> fellow to do with the situation I have illustrated above. I have hundreds
> addresses in NYC and Brooklyn that are on numbered streets and avenues.
> One interim solution is to SPELL OUT the street names so the address is
> only number series. If I name the Local Site "406 Fortieth Street,"
> everything works fine, and as expected. However, I would greatly
> it if we could look into a satisfactory way to accommodate and address and
> numbered street in the name of a local site.
> Thanks,
> Paul Harris
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