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From: "William T. Flight" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Tree to Large??
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 07:02:21 -0400
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Hi Ron,

You won't get the "chart is too large to display" message when running under
Windows 2000 or XP. That reflects a limitation in Windows 95/98/NT.

Here are some options to reduce the width of an "Everyone" chart. I did some
tests with a 900-person database. The default options produced a chart 34
pages wide by 5 pages high (34 x 5), using 8-1/2 by 11" sheets.

1) Make the boxes taller and narrower by reducing the Box W/H ratio from its
default of 3 to 2. This resulted in a chart 31 x 5. Or, use a value of 1;
this resulted in a chart 27 x 6.

2) Make the boxes closer together by reducing the "Box Separation" from its
default of .3 inches to .1. This resulted in a chart 28 x 5.

3) Try using a different key individual. The choice of key individual on an
Everyone chart influences the overall structure, and can result in a more
efficient layout. I found in my dataset that if I used a particular
progenitor, the chart reduced to 28 x 5.

4) Reduce the overall size of the chart by setting the "Max Pages Wide"
option to your desired width. This scales all the fonts smaller, so you need
to check if it is still legible.

5) Set the Box W/H ratio to 0 and set the "Direction of Drop" on the layout
page to "right". This resulted in a chart 10 x 18. But if mounted on a wall
the long way, the text will be sideways.

-- Bill

William T. Flight
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From: "Genealogy Printers" <>
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Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2003 2:33 AM
Subject: [GENBOX] Tree to Large??

> I'm trying to form a 1500 person Everyone chart and I'm getting a
> message "Generated chart is too large to display". I've already
> created and printed other 20 foot long charts.
> By altering different settings I can display this chart although it's
> nearly 60 foot long. So is there a limit on the chart length Genbox
> will display or create.
> What's the best option for reducing the length and maybe increasing
> the depth of this chart. I've already reduced box content to just
> Names, B & D Year only.
> Kind regards, Ron O'Neill
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