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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
Subject: [GENBOX] Places, Place Notes & Media
Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 18:11:44 -0700

I am getting ready to take a research trip and am trying to pare down the
amount of stuff that I need to take with me (especially given all of the
airport hassle these days). Luckily the Missouri State Archives publishes a
loose leaf "catalog" of all of their microfilm holdings by county.
Including is a brief history of the county formation, a map of the
townships, and a map of the state with the focus county in black to show its

I have been scanning the list of microfilm holdings as editable text and
cleaning it up. I then cut & paste it into the Research Notes for the
county in the Place List. I add the county formation information into the
General Notes section of the Place List. Then I attach the two images.

Now I don't have to drag the big notebook with me. When I need to know what
the holdings are for Jackson County, I can quickly find them and I can find
the townships if I need to. While the State Archives will have these
catalogs available for users, this allows me to regroup in the evenings and
make some Research Targets for specific films after the archives has closed,
on the plane, etc. It also allows me to easily track films that I have
already looked at and what results they yielded.

The Missouri State Historical Society also has a similar catalog--by
county--of newspaper holdings. Eventually I will get all of these goodies
into GB, too. Right now I am focusing on a couple of counties that are the
thrust of this trip.

I thought this might of of use to some of you as you plan your research
trips. Incidentially, the State Archives makes their catalog available free
for the asking. The newspaper catalog had to be purchased. But this
certainly lets you do a lot of preplanning and after hours work. Other
states may have something similar. If anyone is doing research in Missouri
and would like the catalog, let me know and I will send you the address

I love this program. It allows a degree of comprehensiveness that I have
found anywhere else. Bill, I don't know how long you had to contemplate
this program design, but you certainly thought of just about everything.


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