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From: "Tom Morris" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Navigation wishlist
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 16:09:18 -0500
In-Reply-To: <>

> From: wim prange [mailto:]

> [ - separate search fields for given names and surnames (I
> don't need [ Johnsons mixed in with my Johns)
> In the namefield search for John/*/ This will result in only
> given names starting with John.

That's good to know, but it seems a clumsy GEDCOM-ism rather
than a clean user interface.

> [ - ability to search for ancesters of, descendants of,
> earliest direct [ ancestors of, and other similar relational
> type queries
> Haven't figured out exactly how this works but this is what
> the Match-tab is for. You have to set the relationship of
> Ind1 to Ind2 etc.

That's well hidden! I'll play with it some more, but it
looks like I need to provide a set of criteria that match
the single person that I want the descendants of rather
than just point at them which seems clumsy.

Also my first attempt to use it, gave an "error on JOIN"
followed by a crash when I clicked on the View SQL button
to see what it had generated.

> [ - ability to iteratively search to narrow results (ie.
> search within [ search results only) Having this work with
> the list capability would be [ useful to so that frequently
> used sets could be saved as lists and then [ used as
> starting points for searches.
> Probably with the match tab also but then again, this is
> quite difficult to work with.

Thanks. Search->Match with a match criteria of "in List"
and a list name of Query Results does this, but it seems
a common enough operation that there should be an easier
way to get to it.

> [ - have arrow keys work to cycle through a list (Query
> Results or Saved [ List) rather than the entire database,
> similar to the way they work with [ selection filters
> You can step through any list with the "VCR-buttons". I would
> like to have the PgUp/PgDwn key for this though too.

OK, I see what's happening. If you double click on a name
in the list and then click on an arrow key, it doesn't use
the list because focus has shifted away. You need to click
back on the list window, *then* use the arrow keys.

I'd prefer to have a "sticky" option like the filter in
the selection box (perhaps filter by list name?) so that
I can edit or do whatever I want without having to switch
focus back to the list window afterwards.


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