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From: "Tom Morris" <>
Subject: [GENBOX] Navigation wishlist
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 13:46:08 -0500
In-Reply-To: <>

I find myself wishing for more powerful navigation facilities in Genbox.
Although the capabilities that are available are pretty good for finding
a single person, one of the things that I often want to do is create
sets of people with common attributes to look at or work with.

Some things I'd like to see include:

- separate search fields for given names and surnames (I don't need
Johnsons mixed in with my Johns)

- ability to search for ancesters of, descendants of, earliest direct
ancestors of, and other similar relational type queries

- ability to iteratively search to narrow results (ie. search within
search results only) Having this work with the list capability would be
useful to so that frequently used sets could be saved as lists and then
used as starting points for searches.

- have arrow keys work to cycle through a list (Query Results or Saved
List) rather than the entire database, similar to the way they work with
selection filters

A little bit more ambitious, but something that would be *very* useful
to me would be a "may have been alive at <date>" perhaps generalized to
"was likely of age <age range> at <date>." One of the things I'm often
trying to do is generate lists of likely candidates to look for in a
particular source and something like would be very useful (but can be
constructed by hand out of the iterative search requested above).


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