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From: "wim prange" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Names & Other Stuff
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 09:37:42 +0100
In-Reply-To: <001f01c2ee5d$ded27960$c550530c@bonniesmachine>

[ Respectfully, I doubt if GENBOX has a different opinion than Cheri.
[ Please look at the information starting with "From The On Line Help". the
[ last sentence says that you can (and must) link the "name
[ variations" to a
[ DEFINING EVENT if you want GENBOX to use that Identifier type
[ starting with
[ the defining event. It further states that GENBOX will use this name on
[ narrative reports beginning with the DEFINING EVENT. If you look at the
[ IDENTIFIERS screen there is even a place to DEFINE the DEFINING EVENT for
[ each Identifier Type. Further if you look at the SUMMARY page
[ and pick ANY
[ EVENT and then check the sentence template for that EVENT you will notice
[ that the sentence does not refer to "sources" and the such.
[ Instead it uses
[ the "Identifier information" in the sentence.


The way I see it (and I'm very certain that this is what is intended in
Genbox) is that when Genbox generates a report and you have set it to use
all names (or whatever is needed to set it) then Genbox will take a couple
of steps (type "if .. then ... else ...") in choosing the correct name,
starting at the most precise level (the source) and working it's way up to a
higher level, untill it finds the right condition to use a name. First it
looks for a sourcename, if it can't find one, it will look for a name for
which an earlier defining event has been set (probably the birthname with
the birthevent as defining event). When there isn't a name with a defining
event it will take your preferred name.

Furthermore, I think the helpfile is partiular referring to a defining event
for a Name CHANGE. You can set a defining event for a SSN too but I don't
think Genbox will take this SSN from then on in your reports (not if you've
set only this number as the preferred name that is ...).
It says in the helpfile that "source name variations" are going to be used
for source citations. BUT, from previous postings from Bill on this topic he
gave the impression that source name variations were going to be 'fixed' and
implemented for narratives also. That events can be populated with
sourcenames is easily proofed, see next paragraph about your template

Genbox uses your preferred name from the Identifier page for templates
because the option how you want to populate the namecodes in the templates
are set at a later, report, level. When you had set the SSN as the only
preferred name for an individual it will even use this number for the
HOWEVER: when you have a source name variation in your citation view; have
the correct source and the correct citation in focus; and click on the KEY
ON THE INDIVIDUAL VIEW (it becomes a padlock and the individual becomes
"locked" to the source) and THEN click on the template button, you will see
that the namecodes from the template are now populated with the sourcenames!

Problem though is: the Source Lock Mode has strange behaviours. I hope these
will be fixed soon too.


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