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From: Debbie Schnell Woolard <>
Subject: Re: RE: [GENBOX] FGS - Children's Marriages
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 19:36:34 -0600 (CST)

This might be too late to help you with this project, but for future reference, I found when entering either marriages or children from that marriage (or even for single mother's where father is unknown), it works better for me to do the following:

I add the marriage event and the children on the "Family" tab for the couple. I tried entering the information from the Event tab, and it only somewhat worked (only some of the information was linked to some of the parties). I tried adding the children on the Summary tab, and that also only somewhat worked (again, same issue, only some information was linked to some of the parties). But when I added either the marriage or the children on the Family tab it worked perfect. They were all linked right.

I have no clue if this is how Bill designed it, but it's the only way I found that works for me. I haven't had the opportunity yet to try adding parents, so I'm not sure if I'd end up with the same issues.

It sounds like what is happening to you is, some of the information is not linking to all the parties like they should.

I doubt if it's a Window's XP problem, as I use XP on my desktop. Also, I've had this issue here on my laptop which has Win 98 on it.

I hope this helps you, at least in the future, if not now.
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From: Kathy Hinckley <>
Sent: 03/11/03 05:41 PM
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] FGS - Children's Marriages

> Cheri.... The report works okay with the Symthe database, so it should
not be the options. Besides, I've played with those options a zillion
times and nothing works.

This is getting very frustrating... I still cannot get additional
childbirths or marriages to show up on the summary page. They are linked
to the parents, as far as I know. When I click on the parents tab, they
are listed.

I began this client's project with GenBox and then got so @##$%
frustrated, that I GEDCOMed it out into another program and entered over
100 people. Then I brought it back in, so maybe that is the problem, but
how do I fix it???

I'm about to give up on Genbox for this project. I cannot afford to
continue this learning curve when nothing gets fixed. But I'm sticking
with this because I like the appearance of the reports, particularly the
box charts that I will need later.

Could part of the problem be that I use Windows XP?


-- Debbie Schnell Woolard

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