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From: "wim prange" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] UK- BMD Registration Quarters
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 14:08:37 +0100
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Hi Sally,

Genbox can handle this very well!.
Fill in "1914 1st Quarter", Genbox will convert this to: "1914 (1st
Quarter)". It will understand that this event happened in 1914 and sort it
that way. It doesn't understand that this is the first quarter (ranging
between 1 Jan 1914 and 31 March 1914) though.

I'm using this feature to enter the birth- and deathtime for people. I've
asked Bill for a 'time' code so that we could use this in the sentences as


BTW: your "reply-to" adress isn't there anymore, it worked.


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[ Onderwerp: [GENBOX] UK- BMD Registration Quarters
[ In the UK, as I expect many of you know, BMD registrations are
[ recorded in
[ Quarters. This is the quarter of the year in which the event was
[ registered.
[ The Ist quarter is from 1st Jan to 31st March ( also known as the March
[ Quarter) and so on. You have six weeks to register a birth and
[ I think the
[ same for a death, so a birth in the 1st quarter could have
[ occurred at any
[ time between the second week in November and the end of the
[ following March.
[ Marriages are registered on the day of the marriage, so the
[ actual marriage
[ date has to fall within the quarter.
[ As the Registration Quarter date in often the only bit of
[ info that you
[ have, it would be immensely helpful to UK users if GB could recognise a
[ Quarter date as a date and use it as an alternative for BMD
[ dates if they
[ are missing, in the same way that some people have asked for
[ christenings to
[ be included on charts if the birth date is missing. I know I
[ could have a
[ Birth Reg. Date of something like ''on some date between 1 Jan
[ 1914 and 31
[ March 1914'' , but that is a bit long winded and I would prefer
[ to just to
[ enter Ist Quarter 1914 or March Quarter 1914 and for GB to be
[ able to sort
[ this correctly date wise.
[ As most genealogy programs are not made specifically for the
[ UK market,
[ this problem of Quarter dates crops up again and again. I beginning to
[ suspect that I'm the only UK user on this List, are there any
[ others lurking
[ out there somewhere?
[ Sally
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