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From: Debbie Schnell Woolard <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] [BUG] Format of CONTACT in residency event
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2003 19:03:29 -0600
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On Sunday, 09-03-2003 at 03:13 PM -0800, Cheri Casper said:
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>Deb - But it would be nice to approach it from the other way around. Any
>Event > Place = ABC. While you can currently one such a report if you are
>looking for a specific Event type, you can't look for all Events associated
>with a given place . . . or being able to select a date range for the
>search: Any Event > Place = ABC AND
>Any Event Year > Is Less Than 1234 OR Any Event Year > Is Not Greater Than
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But Cheri, you can. On the Search > Event tab, you can search for any/all
of the items. So, say I wanted to search for any birth event that happened
in Chicago, I would select on the Event tab

Event: Select the event from the drop down list, ie. Birth
Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

The results came back with 35 people in my database. And, I was included
in these search results.

If you wanted to search for any birth event that happened in a place before
a certain date then you would do the following:
On the Event tab in Searches
Birth date: < 1950
Event: Birth
Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.

If you wanted to search for any event that happened in a certain place
before a certain date, enter:
Event: Any
Date (the one right below the Event field): Enter the date with the
modifier in front of it
Place: Enter the place.

In the numeric fields on the search list you can use the following:
· For numeric fields, you can use:
· < less than
· > greater than
· <= less than or equal
· >= greater than or equal

And for text fields, you can use the following:
· For text fields, you can use:
· an asterisk (*) as a zero-to-many characters wildcard
· a question mark (?) as a one-character wildcard

So there are a wide range of ways you can search for something in the
Searches, and from what Bill said earlier today, this is going to get even

Hope this helps you,

-- Debbie Schnell Woolard

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