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From: "wim prange" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] [BUG] Place modifiers in individual summary screen
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 00:41:08 +0100
In-Reply-To: <000501c2e691$bf8b50a0$6401a8c0@micronxp>

[Turning on "confirm new places" is causing this to do something else
[that I don't understand though. If I type into the place field the
[string "xyzzy" (which isn't in my place database), and then hit Tab or
[Return to try to move to another field, the program does nothing. No
[beep, no confirmation dialog, no nothing. I would have expected
[something like a dialog box saying "No such place xyzzy. Do you want to
[create it? Y/N" Do I have to switch to the Place window and manually
[create the place before using it?

Hi Tom,

It should come up with the question: Please Confirm. Add City/Town "..." in
...? I just tested this on my XP-Home machine too and it worked as it should.

Did you install all the servicepacks for XP?


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