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From: <>
Subject: Re: Re: [GENBOX] GenBox Feedback
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 1:02:55 +0100

> I checked Legacy to see what I have connected to Domkirk, and I have
> Oslo Domkirke, Oslo, Norway
> Domkirken
> Domkirken, Oslo, Norway,
> Nowhere do I find Domkirk without the e that belongs there, except in those
> cases mentioned where Domkirk do not belong.
> I can't find any connection to either of these Domkirke places for my
> brother or myself.
> Who knows playing with it some more I may find the reason why. I am still
> not
> able to get rid of it though.

I think the entry Oslo Domkirke, Oslo, Norway is causing these troubles. Genbox probably assumes that the space between Oslo and Domkirke should be imorted as two levels. This is wrong ofcourse and if that's indeed the case should be looked in to by Bill.
In the meanwhile, change (in Legacy or in the gedcom) Oslo Domkirke to Oslodomkirke for instance (and maybe for other locations that have a space in their name) and see if that imports better. In Genbox you can change the name (in View > Places) to the way you want it.


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