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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] GenBox Feedback (GEDCOM import of Norwegian data)
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 13:06:56 -0800
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Anne - GenBox has built in to it various place levels, i.e., your Oslo,
Domkirk, Norway is already there. If you want just plain vanilla Oslo,
Norway, go to View>Places and when the Place list comes up, click on the
star on the toolbar to add a new place. Then add one where the city is Olso
and the next higher place is Norway. You will now have two entries for Oslo
in your MPL: One with the "Domkirk" and one without. Then you can go back
to the the events in question, and type Oslo, Norway and you will get that
entry. If you will never use the "Domkirk" part, you can go to the MSL and
delete that entry. The places are one of the hardest things to figure out
and I am still struggling.

But in my experience, if you want to add a new place, it is better to do it
from the MPL than from an Event. You have greater control over how the
"automatic" assignment is made.


FWIW -- some of the special characters used in non-English languages can be
added to GB. I don't know if the ASCI keystroke combinations work, but I
did a copy-paste from a program where they were correctly displayed (I
needed the small "o" with a slash through it . . . don't know the proper
name for it) and it pasted correctly. Long way around it but if you don't
have a lot, it would be doable.

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From: Anne Hildrum [mailto:]
Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2003 11:47 AM
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] GenBox Feedback (GEDCOM import of Norwegian data)

From: "William T. Flight" <>

> > I am born in Oslo, but suddenly in Gedbox I am
> > suddenly born in a church in Oslo, that has no connection
> > with me.
> Hi Anne,
> Genbox tries to assign place parts to various levels on input. I haven't
> heard of it adding place levels, though. What is the full place name that
> was in the GEDCOM file, and what is the full place name that Genbox shows?

In the Gedcom it was only Oslo, Norway, and in Genbox it comes out
as Oslo,Domkirk,Norway. I noticed that my brother gets the same, my other
brother who I just have birtdate on, however comes out without anything
which of course is correct. Now when I tried to put in
the latter as born in Oslo, Norway, it overrides it with Oslo, Domkirk,

> > Just occured to me Gedbox is having problems with our 3
> >Norwegian letters. Seems every letter after one of those 3
> > becomes Capital, but it still doesn't explain why it makes
> > two words into one.
> This sounds like a problem with the capitalization routine. You can
> this from happening:
> 1) On the View menu, select "Preferences".
> 2) On the "Names" tab, clear the "Convert to initial caps" options for
> individual names and places.
> 3) Click the "Close" button.
> 4) Try your GEDCOM import again, into a new database.

Yep, this made the capitalization dissapear after our Nordic letters.
Still don't understand why it adds places. I just notcied that in my Gecdom
my father was listed as born in Overhalla, Norway, but shows up in Gedbox
as born in Overhalla, NordTr√łndelag, Norway. I haven't managed yet to
figure out when it add and when it do not add soemthing.


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