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From: "Jim Winfrey" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] GenBox Feedback
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 22:19:34 -0500
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When I imported my database from Legacy, my locations were in the form
"Town, County, State, Country, Detail" where Detail is hospital, cemetery,
etc. GB correctly imported these things (don't know how) but had problems
where I had Detail information in Legacy's Description fields. I have
decided to just fix them on the fly. But there is a huge advantage in the
way GB manages Locations. Edits are easier than any program I've seen.

Has anybody worked out a "bookmark" type function. My approach was to
create a list of the folks I most frequently go to - ends of lines, etc,
copied the list and created a new Saved List. I can open that list and
click on whoever I want to go to. Problem is that if I want to bookmark
someone else, I have to recreate the Saved List. Is there a better way to
do it?


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From: "wim prange" <>
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Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 8:28 PM
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] GenBox Feedback

| Hi Anne,
| GenBox has an hierarchical scheme for Places/Locations. It's a bit
| to "slot" them place but once you've done that it is a great feature.
| Placenames in Genbox can have namevariations (each variation with it's own
| historical hierarchy as well!).
| One of the great things is that when you are in your places view you can
| select a local site (for instance a farm) and be able to see what has
| at that farm during the ages and still be able to use the original name
| selecting it as a location in an event.
| I can recommend to play with GenBox for a week or so (at least!) to fully
| appreciate it's capabalities. Not only for Locations, but also for
| different Templates, Events etc. It really is an amazing program.
| Several of us have litterally fallen in love with it.
| As to your Nord Trøndelag / NordtrøNdelag conversion. In View >
Preferences is
| an option to turn off "Convert to Initial Caps". GenBox is an American
| and they use a different language-code table. I think this table didn't
| understand your ø and thought is was a space (I think). It is strange
| that it pasted Nord and Tr to eachother.
| Until now I've (I'm Dutch) discovered one more issue with international
| languagecode-tables in Source Templates. It can be resolved in Access.
| you want to alter your Templates to Norwegian equivalents and the same
| to you I can recommend to do that in Access.
| The programmers have said that they will look into it so maybe it will be
| resolved soon.
| Wim
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| [Onderwerp: Re: [GENBOX] GenBox Feedback
| [
| [
| [Ok I imported my Gedcom into Genbox.
| [I am puzzled as to Gedbox changing place names
| [for me.
| [
| [I am born in Oslo, but suddenly in Gedbox I am
| [suddenly born in a church in Oslo, that has no connection
| [with me. the names of the "Fylker" something like states
| [in the USA has suddenly changed. My father was
| [born in Nord Trøndelag, and Genbox has decided this should be
| [written NordtrøNdelag.
| [
| [Just occured to me Gedbox is having problems with our 3
| [Norwegian letters. Seems every letter after one of those 3 becomes
| [Capital, but it still doesn't explain why it makes two words into one,
| [nor why I suddenly am born somewhere else than I was in the Gedcom.
| [
| [I have still not yet figured out how to change my place of birth out
| [of the church. Are anybody able to tell me?
| [
| [Anne
| [
| [
| [
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