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It's wonderful to see this list active. I agree: it's been quiet a long time. Guess I'll post my mystery again and see if I get any bites.


Born 19 Aug 1911 in Hellier, Pike Co., KY. She was the first child of coal miner Allen Ferrell and his wife Jessie Compton who was from Lawrence Co., KY. Waueka is listed in the Pike County School Censuses of 1917 (age 6) and 1920 (age 10) in District 100.

Waueka married 1st Clyde Wills (b. 1908; d. 1992) and had 3 children. The first two died young and the other was named Shirley Wills. I believe Waueka had a second marriage to an Ed McKnight (or Knight).

The last time my mother remembers seeing Aunt Waueka and her daughter Shirley was when they visited them in Sebring, FL in about 1945 or '46. She disappeared after that and my grandmother--Waueka's sister--and her brothers learned she may have gone to Chicago, IL. Some of the family even hired an investigator to look for her to no avail. The daughter Shirley is reported to have been in Mammoth, WV and may still be in the area. Looking for any information on Waueka's family.


Elizabeth Chancellor

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> Hi Bubbles, <cute name>
> You are on this list for a reason I'm guessing. Who or what are you looking for? Just because I've got an interesting mystery to solve doesn't mean I'm not interested in what all of you are looking for. I've been on list for a few years, it has been very quiet, so maybe now would be a good time to shout out your own stories again, just for old time sake, or tell if your story came to a conclusion.
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>> I keep reading your emails with interest. Please let us know the outcome

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