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Subject: [GEN-UNSOLVED-MYSTERIES] Bruce Kramer-Hamilton/Cincinnati Ohio1956-1987
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 12:08:00 -0400

Hello all,

The above mentioned person, Bruce Kramer, was the brother of a friend of mine. Bruce died at a young age, shot and killed while changing the door lock of an upstairs neighbor by an abusive spouse, who then killed his wife, then himself.

Bruce had a child, a son, born just a few months before his death. To his sister Ilene's knowledge, they were not a couple, but good friends. Bruce was also very excited to be a father. It is unfortuante that Bruce's family was so distraught at the time of his death that they did not accord this woman any comfort. The only time the family saw the baby was when she brought her son with her to the cemetary, and they turned her away.

Bruce's parents were Jewish and old fashioned. They were upset that, in their minds, the child was not born into a loving relationship. It was hard for them to see past this arrangement that was made between Bruce and this woman, whom they were told was Lesbian. I hate saying "her" or "this woman" but Ilene and her brothers don't know her name. She tried in vain to write to Bruce's parents, but they threw the letters away, and refused to talk about it with the other remaining children.

Bruce's siblings would like to meet with this young man who should be 21 or close to adult age by this writing (March 18, 2007). Try to make up for the sadness and grief that was caused so long ago. We have nothing to go on about who she was or where they met or even what the child was called. Bruce worked for AT&T in Cincinnati at the time of his death. He died in the spring of 1987, approx. 30-31 years of age.

If this story is familiar to anyone, can help us find Bruce Kramer's son and his mother we would appreciate it very much and they can reach them through me at this address.

D. Leonard
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