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From: "Terry A. McGuire" <>
Subject: GEN-UNSOLVED-MYSTERIES-D Digest V01 #48
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 07:14:03 -0400

There are many things to consider. The Sanders may not be total strangers,
they could be related to either the baby's Mother or Father. Just because
the surname is different, it doesn't mean they aren't related.
There could be a serious illness on the part of the Mother or father.
Economic factors could be at work. It's also possible this was not thier
first child, they may have had others and could not support another child.
Then there are the uncommon things, such as the Mother is the mother , but
the supposed Father may not be the Father. Perhaps she was preganant and he
married her , with the provision that she give the baby up. THe are many
other scenarios, but the real one is probably illness or economimcs.

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