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Subject: Re: [TRIVVIES] Games I played (was "outnumbered")
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We used to play French Skipping with a huge elastic band made from multi
coloured band all looped together. I remember the jacks and marbles, my
favourite toy was the model garden that you could build with flowers and
paving and walls, benches etc.
Then another favourite was having two old baked bean cans and tying a length
of string between them and one person had one and the other hid around a
corner and you talked to each other through it. God knows how it worked but
it seemed to.
I had two younger brothers so I don't recall doing anything with them as
they were 5 and 6 years younger than me, but I used to play with other
children in the road, we used to go up the hill to the woods and play
tracking red indians, then another favourite was going up Daise Hill to play
in the old craters, we thought they were bomb craters but they may have been
more prehistoric than that thinking about it now. To get to Daise Hill, you
had to walk down a lane between the market gardens, past the old quarry on
the corner and then along the lane to a spot that you could climb up between
the undergrowth. Then after a steep climb you emerged into the open part of
the hill. Lots of wild flowers, occasionally a stray horse from the other
side of the hill would appear behind a bush and frighten the life out of us,
but the most scary thing to happen was when we encountered a space alien.
{Apologies if I have written this before}.
One memorable day about 4 of us were off to climb the hill, when we got to
the bend in the lane where the old quarry was, and the gates were open, we
decided to venture inside, just after we went through the gates a space
alien came at us all in white with a funny hat on waving a gun at us, we
didn't stop to find out way we just ran for our lives. Put us off going
there for ages, and if I walk along there now on a visit home I can still
see that alien.
Years later watching tv I saw a programme on bee keeping and low and behold
there was my Space Alien all dressed up in his white outfit and hat with
veil and with his smoke gun!
My cousins and I also used to play on Brean Sands, as Weston beach was
covered in tourists in the summer. So our families used to descend on Brean.
Dad used to build us cars out of sand to sit in, and then we used to leave
my brothers and youngest cousin playing with the cars, and my older cousins
and I used to burrow tunnels in the sand dunes. We used to have great fun,
never realising the danger, and then play at hurling ourselvers from the
highest dune down to the bottom.
My favourite toy as a child was my scooter, until I sneaked out on a Sunday,
we weren't allowed to play out on Sunday, and ripped my Sunday best dress
all up the back scooting down the road, we were on a hill. I was kept in for
a month of Sundays to atone for that.
My Mum used to complain that all the children in the street were in our
garden and couldn't I go and play in theirs for a change.
We also used to go to all the church jumble sales and buy the old costume
jewellry, and prise the stone out for our collections, and chip the white
quartz of the stones in the garden and collect it too. My cousin and I used
to like digging down really deep in her garden until we hit the sea at the
bottom. She lived in from the beach on the flat and we used to dig big holes
down through the soil then sand and finally we would get a puddle of water
at the bottom.
Sorry this was so long I hadn't remember most of this until I started to
type, must copy it now and keep it for my grandchildren.
Jenny K.
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It was "Treacle" tins for us --- the small tins were best - you could move
quicker & you had more control over them ... But some kids preferred the
large ones ..... I suppose we must have had the large tins of Treacle - but
remember the small ones more .... Opening the tin & seeing "butter" in there
.... "I didn't do it daddy" ..... :-) ......... And the horrid smell as the
Treacle "went-off" ..... Urghhh .......... The sugar would crystalize on the
sides of the tin & dad would put it in a saucepan of hot water to melt those
crystals ... I remember not eating it again - not until we had a new tin ...
I did that with a lot of things - stop eating until a "new" one was bought
out ... I was called "fussy" --- can't imagine why ......

Pick-up-sticks & elastic-band-skipping passed me by --- not my era .... But
I did have snobs .... :-) ...........


And of course there were the Ovaltine tin stilts . . . .. lovely, clattery
things on the end of string . . .. until a sudden cave in deposited you
unceremoniously on the pavement, and you had to wait impatiently for another
tin to be emptied.

Loved skipping -- preferably long ropes held by two people, or double
skipping -- jacks, marbles, french skipping (elastic bands), games of
tag, "what's the time Mr. Wolf", pick-up-sticks. Heck . . .. we'd even
use the grass clippings on the playing fields during school lunch
break. Designing house plans and outlining the walls and doorways with
the clippings!! Didn't need telly in those days <g>

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