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From: "Sue Thompson" <>
Subject: RE: History Channel
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 17:43:11 -0400
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My husband taped the show for me so I watched it last night.
I was feeling the same way about Alec Baldwin. As I was watching it I kept
thinking, but he did NONE of the research himself!!!!!! What FUN it that?
I understand that people DO hire professionals and I think it would be great
sometimes to have someone who knows more help lead me in the right
direction, but I just don't want them to do all my research for me!
Perhaps it has to do with the type of person I am ~ I LOVE libraries and I
always LOVED doing research papers!


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Subject: History Channel

> What about doing what Alec Baldwin hireing his
> work done like that. I feel it would be like having children and having
> someone else raise them then getting back the finished product. It would
> nice to be able to afford it but the fun would be gone. Glen Stevenson WI


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