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Subject: Re: History Channel
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 20:08:25 -0700
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I agree, the whole time I was watching I was thinking that he was missing
out on the "thrill of the hunt" and "the excitement of the find". In other
words it would be like finding a book of half of your family already done
and nothing for you to do.

I thought the show was interesting, BUT, it seems like one big advertisement
for It was kinda nice to see what Paul Burchfield looked like
tho. Having used FTM, I had exchanged an email or two with him over problems
I was having.

Boise, Idaho, USA

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> Here I am watching a great program on TV and trying to read my e-mail.
> tried to access the website but it is clogged up as the TV special has
> on for an hour now. What about doing what Alec Baldwin hireing his
> work done like that. I feel it would be like having children and having
> someone else raise them then getting back the finished product. It would
> nice to be able to afford it but the fun would be gone. Glen Stevenson WI

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