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From: "Peter Stewart" <>
Subject: Re: Zaida of Denia Clarification
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 10:42:36 +1100
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"taf" <> wrote in message
> On Nov 18, 5:42 am, Francisco Tavares de Almeida
> <> wrote:
> > Tod,
> >
> > I have acknowledged your favorable disposition for the marriage
> > but I would like to know that if that charter of Urraca was the
> > same cited by Reilly - and considered unclear by most spanish
> > scholars - or something strikingly new.
> Just to be clear, I am more favorably disposed than I was, but I still
> don't know that I would go so far as to say it is more likely than
> not. The charter is one brought to the broader attention by Jaime
> de Salazar Acha - I don'tthink Reilly was aware of this.
> > This drives us back to Zaida's birth.
> > AFAIK the eldest source says she was a niece of Auenalfage.
> The oldest al-Andalus source says she was daughter-in-law. I think
> the oldest Christian source says daughter, but Levi Provencal
> evaluated it and decided that al-Andalus source was the more
> likely. I don't remember the origin of the niece version.

This is the late-12th/early-13th century Cronicón Villarense (Liber regum),
edited by Manuel Serrano y Sanz in *Boletín de la Real academia española* 6
(1919), at p. 210:

"Est rei don Alfonso priso muller la Çaida, qui era sobrina d'Auenalfage, e
baptizóla e fo xpiana et touo en ella filio al ifant don Sancho, al que
dixieron Sanch Alfons. Pues lo matoron moros en la batalla d'Ucles."

Peter Stewart

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