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From: (Douglas Richardson)
Subject: Family of Robert Holand, Bastard of Exeter [Revised Post]
Date: 24 Nov 2004 11:45:02 -0800

Dear Newsgroup ~

In my post below, I meant to say that "we may assume that Laurence
Kendall was aged about 21 in 1532." The critical words "aged about
21" were inadvertedly left out of the sentence. I also miscalculated
Laurence's approximate birthdate. It should have been about 1511
(1532 less 21), not 1521. The approximated birth date of 1426 for
Robert Holand, however, was correctly stated (1511 less 85). I
sincerely apologize if someone's calculators heated up when they
discovered my errors.

In my next post, I will prove that Laurence Kendall was born no
earlier than 1511. I will also provide an approximated birthdate for
Robert Holand's daughter, Jane (Holand) Kendall, based on family

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Dear Newsgroup ~

Mr. Farmerie has suggested that I may have incorrectly "sourced" the
identification of Robert Holand, Bastard of Exeter, as an illegitimate
son of John Holand (died 1447), 2nd Duke of Exeter, in my book,
Plantagenet Ancestry. Certainly, Robert Holand being "Bastard of
Exeter" was the son of a titled Duke of Exeter. A look at the
chronology of this family tells us that Robert Holand is correctly
placed as the son of John Holand, 2nd Duke of Exeter.

I often employ an 85 year rule of thumb for three generations. This
is nothing set in stone. Rather, I use it as a rough measuring stick
that helps check chronology between generations.

In this instance, we have a proven great-grandson of Robert Holand,
namely Laurence Kendall, of Withiel, near Bodmin, Cornwall. Examining
Laurence Kendall's dates of birth and marriage should provide us with
rough estimates of dates of birth and marriage for Robert Holand. In
turn, this should help us establish the probable parentage of Robert

I find that Laurence Kendall first surfaces in the records in 1532 and
again in 1535 [see Documents #1 and 2 below]. In both instances,
these dates are prior to Laurence's known marriage and during his
father, Walter Kendall's lifetime. As such, we may assume Laurence
was aged about 21 in 1532, or born about 1511. If we subtract 85
years from 1511, we should get a fairly reliable estimate of when
Robert Holand was born.

1511 less 85 equals 1426.

If so, the chronology suggests that Robert Holand was the illegitimate
son of John Holand (died 1447), 2nd Duke of Exeter.

Next, John Blythe Dobson has an excellent website devoted to the
ancestry of the immigrant, Oliver Mainwaring, of New London,
Connecticut. I corresponded with Mr. Blythe prior to the publication>
of my book. The address for Mr. Dobson's website is very long:

Mr. Dobson shows that Lawrence Kendall and his wife, Katherine Mundy,
were married about 1540. He gives the following information regarding
their marriage date:

"About 1540, in expectation of her marriage, her uncle, Thomas Mundy
alias Wandsworth, Prior of Bodmin, arranged for her and her future
husband to be granted the manor of Withiel, with the advowson of the
church, for ninety-nine years. This was obtained through a promise to
the brethren of a large sum of money, which they never received." END

Sir John Maclean in his excellent multi-volume set, The Parochial and
Family History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor, 1 (1876): 136 and 269
confirms Laurence Kendall's marriage to Katherine Mundy took place
soon after 20 September 1537:

"The prior and convent by deed indented, under the conventual seal,
dated 20th Sept. anno regni Regis 29 Hen. VIII. granted the whole
manor of Withiel and the advowson of the church, together with the
common fishing throughout the whole water of Aleyn and Eyle, with all
the appurtenances, to Lawrence Kendall and Katheryn Monday, which the
same Lawrence should marry, their heirs and assigns, for the term of
99 years. Roll 5, No. 81 - Particulars for leases." END OF QUOTE

So, we have an approximate marriage date of 1537/40 for Laurence
Kendall. If we subtract 85 years from 1537/40, we should get an
approximate estimate of Robert Holand's date of marriage to his wife,

1537/40 less 85 equals 1452/55

We know that Robert Holand was married to his wife, Margaret, in or
before 1458, so the estimated marriage fits well with the information
we have about Robert Holand's life. Again, a marriage date of 1452/55
suggests that Robert Holand was the illegitimate son of John Holand,
2nd Duke of Exeter. Chronologically, it would be extremely unlikely
for Robert Holand to be a son of Henry Holand, 3rd Duke of Exeter,
born in 1430.

I might add that the 85 year rule of thumb I employ is just that, a
rule of thumb. Individual cases can and do vary. When other records
are not available, chronology can help point the way to the desired

Special thanks go to John Blythe Dobson for generously sharing his
research findings on the Holand and Kendall families with me.
Collegiality is the key to solving the longstanding genealogical
puzzles of the past.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah


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Source: A2A Catalogue

Cornwall Record Office: Arundell, Tywardreath Priory Archive

Document #1:
Reference: ART/3/118
Creation dates: 1535, 8th Feb (26 Hen VIII)

Scope and Content

Grant of tithes, for term of 60 years

Thomas Colyns, Prior of Tywardreth = (1)

Walter Kendale, esquire, and Laurence Kendale his son = (2)-(3)

(1) to (2)-(3) to farm, all their tithe corn, 'as well of whete,
otyes, barly, rye, bere, pesyn, benys, selpepesyn and all oder corn
and graynes' from the parish [sic] of Treneglos and Warbystow,
belonging to the prior and convent; for term of 60 years, rent £8
yearly at 2 terms.

Signatures (faint) of (2)-(3).

[No witnesses]

Seals, endorsements, etc.: Seal, and drawing of the other seal,
presumably of (2)-(3).

Selected place-names, etc.: [Treneglos; Fentrigan manor]

Document #2:
Reference: ART/3/153
Creation dates: 1532, 20th Sep (24 Hen VIII); at Trywardreth

Archival History

[This originally had pencil number '320', in error for '220' (there is
no '320' in the Tywardreath series).]

Scope and Content

Grant of annuity and sustenance

Thomas Colyns, Prior of Trywardreth = (1)

Laurence Kendale, son of Walter Kendale = (2)

(1) and the convent to (2), for £10 paid to them by Walter Kendale, of
an annuity of 20s, issuing from the priory's lands in Cornwall,
payable at 4 terms; also sufficient food and drink within their
monastery, and an apartment in a suitable chamber (cubiculum in camera
convenienti) within the monastery; for term of (2)'s life, when he
shall wish to accept it.

[No witnesses]

Seals, endorsements, etc.: Seal of (1).

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