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From: Rod Dav4is <>
Subject: Re: Hastings family -- follow-up
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 10:00:49 GMT
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Rod Dav4is wrote:
> Do you happen to know the date of the will? Perhaps this John was a son
> who predeceased his father. John's son John (who married Pennystone) was
> born 1556, before the death of Sir Edward in 1571/72. John, the perhaps
> son of Edward, could have died between 1556 and the date of Edward's will.
> -R.

Adrian sent a copy of the will, which was in image
form, and thus not fit for posting here.

> 1556.
> Complete Peerage agrees that this was the date of his Will, but I find that
> most Wills in CP are dated not very long before death, so perhaps this needs to
> be looked at more closley. I am running late at the moment and don't have
> time to look at it further at the moment.
> I attach a copy of the will, not a text file but can be read by MS Word 2000
> Note that wills from Test Vet should be checked to originals.
> Adrian

To which I replied:

> Hi,
> Thanks for the copy of the will.
> This again raises the question of his dod. Two dates are commonly reported:
> 1. 1558: reported in the note attached to the will and in BURKE, Sir Bernard,
> "Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire"
> 2. 05 Mar 1571/72: reported in VELDE, Fran├žois, "List of the Knights of the
> Garter (1348- 1939)",
> (, and by yourself.
> -R.

And his reply, which should settle the issue of the
d.o.d. of this Edward Hastings, KG.

> In Shaw's _Knight's ..._, he is shown as being cr KG on 23 April 1555 and
> installed (next) 25 May, being No 335 and states he died 1571-2, Mar 5 (or Feb
> 28.) The number of KG's at any one time is limited, so a new cr can only be
> made after the death of an existing holder. Shaw states that Arthur Grey 14 Ld
> Grey of Wilton was cr KG on 23 April 1572 in place of No 335 (ie Edward
> Hastings)
> CP also states that Sir Edward was a zealous Roman Catholic and was
> imprisoned in the Tower in Apr 1561 for hearing Mass. He retired, when released, to a
> hospital he had founded at Stoke Pogis, Bucks, where he died dsp 5 March
> 1571/2 (a footnote says DNB is wrong in giving his death as 1523), when his peerage
> became extinct. He was bur in St George's Chapel, Windsor. Neither in his
> Will, nor in his adom, granted 10 Mar 1571/2 to his nephew, Henry, Earl of
> Huntingdon, is there any mention of a wife; yet Joan, his widow, is said to have
> had Burley Park, parcel of the manor of Loughborough, assigned to her in 1573
> in lieu of jointure
> CP is usually more accurate than Burke's, but not infallible. It seems
> strange there was such a long gap between his Will and death, but perhaps adherence
> to the Roman Catholic faith made it difficult to write another Will. Also
> the lack of mention of his possible widow not being in letters of administration
> also looks odd.

(above posted with permission)


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