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Subject: Re: Amie de Gaveston Rebuttal - Part 4: A Damsel's Life
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 15:24:55 EST

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> This may be more history than genealogy, but Costain indicates that the
> relationship between Piers de Gaveston and Edward II was homosexual, most
> likely. Is this an accepted conclusion among most historians? What about
> Edward's relationship with the younger Hugh le Despencer?

History and genealogy are inseparable, so your question is fine.

There is no "certain" evidence of sexual relations, though there are specific
statements such as Edward loving Piers more than his wife, giving his wife's
jewelry, etc., to Piers on a consistent basis, etc. Edward was described as
one who liked carpentry better than knighthood (not revered in those days),
and a later chronicle infers there was a sexual relationship and that Edward
met a ghastly death having a hot poker stuck in his fundaments. Hamilton
believes it was a gay relationship, and from what I know of the details, I do

Chaplais, who also wrote a biography, but was from rather old school England,
concluded they were "brothers" who loved each other dearly, but that it was
not sexual. John Carmi Parsons holds that line.


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