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From: (Brad Verity)
Subject: Re: Amie de Gaveston Rebuttal - Part 4: A Damsel's Life
Date: 28 Jan 2003 09:45:24 -0800
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Renia <> wrote in message news:

> E 41/460 - The king to Peter de Gavaston: Grant of the earldom of
> Cornwall and its appurtenants: Corn. - 6 Aug. 1 Edw II

This document is discussed at some length by Pierre Chaplais in his
1994 book on Piers Gaveston. He has a photo reproduction of it where
the eagle (eaglet) arms of Piers are clearly made out. Chaplais
discusses the Clare arms on the charter and surmises that the
Piers/Margaret marriage was in the works even before Piers returned to
England from his first exile. He doesn't discuss the eagle arms of
Piers being different from the Gabaston arms, but he may not have been
aware they were.

I'll double-check, but as I recall Hamilton makes no mention at all of
Piers' arms.

> This, for example, from the PRO Catalogue:
> C 47/24/2/23 - Claim of Arnold Gavaston for expenses in Gascony 1m - [28
> Edw I]

I wonder if this record ties into the 1310 Chancery Writ Edward II
issued on behalf of Arnaud Guillaume de Marsan?

> Perhaps these may prove useful:
> E 30/1521/6 - Petition by Arnold Calhau, citizen of Bordeaux, to John,
> Bishop of Norwich, informing him of the incompetence and disloyalty of
> Dominic de Rossidavalle, provost of the Ombrière, who was one of
> Gaveston's household; also giving a list of those who have appealed to
> the King of France. - [1310] Dec

The Calhaus (Caillaus) were kin to Arnaud and Piers. Hamilton makes
several references to Caillau yeomen in Piers' and Edward II's
households being nephews of Piers, but as Piers does not appear to
have had a sister married to a Caillau, they can't be nephews but
cousins or more distant kin.

> E 101/375/15 - Particulars of expenses of the carriage of three
> pavilions to Langley for the funeral of Piers Gaveston. - 8 Edw. II
> E 101/375/16 - Particulars of conveying the body of Piers Gaveston to
> Langley. - 8 Edw. II
> E 101/376/2 - Particulars of Thomas de London of expenses about the body
> of Piers Gaveston at Oxford. 8 Edward II.

Yes, Piers was definitely buried at Langley. I wonder if his original
plan was to be buried in Winchester? Perhaps Arnaud's elaborate tomb
was the first step toward a Gaveston chapel? The Dominican Friary in
Langley where Piers was buried in 1314 did not exist or was under
construction while Piers was alive.

> E 175/11/16 - Statutes on constraints of actions of the King and removal
> of his `evil counsellors', Piers Gaveston and others, indictments of the
> forest - 5 Edw II

This would be an interesting document, as it might describe in more
detail the "parentes and propinquites" of Piers whom the Ordainers
wished removed from the king's and queen's households.

> E 199/7/3 - Cumberland: Particulars of account for castle, manor and
> honour of Cockermouth, late of Peter de Gavaston and his wife. - 3 Edw. II

As I recall, Cockermouth was held only for a very short time by Piers
and Margaret (during a period when the Cornwall title and lands were
removed from them).

Thanks for looking these up, Renia.

Cheers, -----Brad

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