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Subject: Re: Amie de Gaveston Rebuttal - Part 4: A Damsel's Life
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 03:26:52 EST

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> The expenses need to be looked into further. Piers' horse, status,
> etc., needs to be compared to those of his elder brothers. If it was
> different and/or better, why?

In the first instances, Piers received less than Arnaud and his two elder
sons in pay, and his horse was valued less, which was expected of a younger
squire. Later his horse increased in value. This was discussed by Hamilton.
Piers then entered the service of the young Edward.

As to the name Piers appearing twice on the tomb, I cannot think of a typical
tomb where only the name is given. Usually it is something like, 'This is
the tomb of the noble knight Arnaud de Gaveston, father of Piers. This tomb
was erected to his memory by Piers.' Something like that would explain why
the name Piers appeared on it twice. Or Edward could have buried Piers'
heart there (though he could not get away with burying Piers' body anywhere
but Langley).

It is also interesting that though Arnaud de Gabaston was buried at
Winchester, his son who we assume is Piers' brother was buried at Langley
where Piers was buried. Why bury him with Piers, if they were not brothers?

If this tomb was erected BY Piers AFTER he became Earl of Cornwall, would it
say "Piers Gaueston" or "Piers, Earl of Cornwall? I think too much is
missing to make any certain determination. How much of the inscription is
missing? Where do the two appearances of his name occur, how far are they
spaced, on the same face (etc.)?


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