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Subject: Re: Amie de Gaveston Rebuttal - Part 4: A Damsel's Life
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 03:13:16 EST

In a message dated 1/28/2003 12:45:33 AM Mountain Standard Time,

> If the eaglets were assumed by Piers when he was created Earl of
> Cornwall then the tomb definitely dates to the period after 1307.
> Cheers, -------Brad

Two cows passant with bunches of wheat (or even cows rampant or gardant), may
not have seemed fitting arms to this young knight who reveled in jewelry and
at tournaments. But again, I do not know the medieval arms of Marsan or
Lescun, Lescun being the more important (though Claramond de Marsan brought
considerable lands with her in marriage).

Also, Piers may have embellished the tomb years after Arnaud's burial in 1302
(before his death in 1312). We know the grant of the Earldom, but no arms
are mentioned in it (nor would they be expected to be).


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