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From: (Brad Verity)
Subject: Re: Gaveston, Gabaston, Gramont
Date: 27 Jan 2003 23:42:24 -0800
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> I would also point out that the chronology as shown is a little tight between
> Arnaud de Gabaston who died in 1302 and Marie, heiress of Gabaston, who married
> Arnaud Raymond de Gramont.
> I wonder if Pierre is out of place and that no. 3 Arnaud Guillaume de Gabaston
> should actually be the brother of Piers, Arnaud Guillaume de Marsan, who was
> living in 1324 and had returned to Gascony after service in England.
> Arnaud de Guillaume de Marsan, eldest brother of Piers, would be heir of
> Gabaston.

Arnaud Guillaume de Marsan had a wife named Marie (Mary).

From Calendar of Chancery Writs:

"28 April 1310, Windsor. The king has heard that his father granted
to Sir Arnaud Guilliam de Marsan the land of Gauardan, to hold as his
said father held it, and the present constable of Bordeaux, whom the
king has appointed to pay to the people of Gascony the debts due to
them by reason of their wages for the time when they were on the
service of his said father in the war of Gascony, keeps back from the
said Sir Arnaud 1,200l. of petiz Torneis of the debts due to his
father Sir Arnaud de Gavaston by reason of these wages, because he
wished to make him answer for the issues of the said land for the
whole time he has held it. Mandate to search the rolls of Chancery
for the form of the said grant, and, if it be found that Arnaud should
hold the land as the king's father held it, to command the constable
to make payment without delay. Mandate also to hear the showing of
the bearer in the matter of a plea which the said Sir Arnaud Guilliam
and Mary his wife are suing against Stephen Feriol, about a castle
which they demand from him, and order the judge of Agenois hastily to
do right. French. 68 (1028)."

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