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Date: 27 Jan 2003 03:53:07 GMT
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Just to repost information about Arnaud de Gabaston, who was married by 1272:

8. Arnaud de Gabaston, occ. 1269, d. 1302, m. Claramonde de Marsan, d. 1287.
Arnaud de Gabaston occurs as jurat in 1269, so was likely son of Garsie. [here
Hamilton cites P. Raymond, ed., _Inventaire-sommaire des archives des
Basses-Pyrenees anterieures a 1790_ 4:72, no. E290]. Arnaud first occurs in
records when he rendered homage and fealty to Gaston VII at the marriage of his
daughter Constance to Henri de Almain. Arnaud received, in marriage with
Claramonde, the castles of Louvigny, Roquefort de Marsan, Montgaillard des
Landes, Hagetmau and St. Loubourer, with lands and appurtenances in Marsan,
Tursan, Sauveterre-de-Bearn and Chalosse, held in right of his wife (worth 100
l. sterling per annum). Arnaud had married Claramonde by 30 June 1272, when
they acknowledged a debt of 20,000 sous de morlans (ca. 450 l.) to Edward I of
England (Bearn had technically been under English suzerainty since 1152 (but
remained mainly independent). Arnaud was one of 64 hostages delivered to the
King of Aragon on 4 October 1288 [Foedera 1:ii:689-90; the hostages included
Gaston VII de Bearn and Arnaud's brother-in-law Fortaner de Lescun]. Arnaud
was a hostage again from 1294, to Philip 'the Fair' of France. He served as a
knight in charge of his own retinue for Edward I for two decades, including the
campaigns in Scotland. Claramonde died in 1287. Arnaud died in 1302.

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