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Subject: Re: Gaveston, Gabaston, Gramont
Date: 27 Jan 2003 03:34:07 GMT
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I want to thank Bill and Leo for responding (Leo off-list with a large file of
descents). I inquired because this line would have a close, if not direct,
descent from Piers de Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall.

I had posted [4 Aug. 2002]:

<<some sources state that Pierre de Gabaston, son of the Arnaud de Gabaston who
died in England, married Marie de Coarraze by whom Pierre [Piers] was father of
Arnaud-Guillaume de Gabaston, father of Marie de Gabaston who married
Arnaud-Guillaume de Bearn (son of Gaston VII [1221-26 Apr. 1290], who is given
as son of Guillaume III by Garsinde de Provence, daughter of Alfonse de
Provence, etc.).

One source given is Eugene Vasseur, Genealogie de 2 Nobles Rougerats, p. 140.

Claude Safon was kind enough to post the bibliographical reference for this

<<Les références bibliographiques sont: (all the references)
(First edition) "Généalogie de 2 nobles Rouergats"
(Second edition) "Nobles Aîeux de Trois Rouergats"
(Third edition) ... en préparation (coming soon)

This work is not easily available in the United States, and I have not seen it.
It is not available at the FHL. Is anyone able to check what is stated on p.
140 about Pierre/Piers and any source for his marriage to Marie de Coarraze?

Depending on what source is checked, the descent would be:

1. Arnaud de Gabaston, d. 1312 [sic, 1302], England/Angletterre

2. Pierre de Gabaston = Marie de Coarraze

3. Arnaud Guillaume de Gabaston

4. Marie de Gabaston, dame de Gabaston = Arnaud Guillaume de Bearn

5. Marie de Gabaston (d. after 3 May/ 16 Sep. 1397) = Arnaud Raymond de Gramont
/ d'Agramont, d. between 29 Dec 1384 and 23 Feb. 1385 ("de Béarn seigneur de

Number 2 (above), Pierre, corresponds with Piers de Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall.


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