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From: (William Addams Reitwiesner)
Subject: Re: Gaveston, Gabaston, Gramont
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 01:06:33 GMT
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>We've discussed a bit about the Marsan and Lescun maternal connections of Piers
>de Gaveston/Gabaston, Earl of Cornwall, but I did not check French sources to
>see what their arms are.
>That makes me curious, however, about this descent that was posted some time
>ago and also appears on the web. How do people descend from Isabeau GRAMONT?

This line appears in the Schwennicke *ES*, Band X [1986]. Many other
descents from Arnaud Raymond and Marie can be traced.

>5. GRAMONT, Arnaud Raymond 1 brn., b. 1330?, d.23 Feb 1385? or 29 Dec 1384m.
>BEARN, Marie deGabaston de, b. 1340?, d. 3 May 1397 [Arnaud Guill.sgr.Lescun
>batard/m./Marie GABASTON]

Tafel 67 -- he d. between 29 Dec 1384 and 23 Feb. 1385. Arnaud Guillaume
was "de Béarn seigneur de Lescun".

>4. GRAMONT, Bernard sgr.Haux de, b. 1360? Navarre, d. 1415? m. HAUX, Gracienne
>, b. 1360?, d. 1407?
>Armand Guillaume d'/m./Marguerite d' HAUX]

Tafel 69 -- Bernard alias Berdot died between 1414 and 22 Sept. 1415.

>3. GRAMONT, Gracien sgr.Haux de, b. 1385? Navarre, d. 28 Jun 1469 m.
>CASTETPUGON, Catherine dm.Montory de, b. 1410?, d. 1470? [Assin]

Tafel 69 -- Catherine was his third wife and mother of all of his
legitimate children.

>2. GRAMONT, Roger brn.Haux de, b. 1440? Navarre, d. 8 Apr 1519
>m. BEARN, Leonore de, b. 1461, d. 1509 [Bernard batard senech.Foix/m./Isabeau

Tafel 69

>1. GRAMONT, Isabeau de, b. 1509 France, d. 1579 aft. m. LUXE, Jean 4, b.
>1510?, d. 26 Jul 1559 [Jean 3 brn./m./Gabrielle brn.Fourquevaux d' YSALGUIER]

Tafel 69 -- Roger and Leonore had two daughters named Isabeau and this is
the younger one. Two of the sons of Roger and Lenore were Archbishops and
one of them was a Cardinal.

Isabeau's nephew Jean was the last male of this family. His sister Claire
(Isabeau's niece) married Menaud d'Aure, Vicomte d'Aster [Tafel 72], who
then took the Gramont name and titles. Their descendants include the Ducs
de Gramont (from 1643). A descendant, Anne Louise, Mlle de Guiche, married
in 1647 Isaac de Pas, Marquis de Fouquières, the French Viceroy of the
Americas (d. 1688) [Tafel 73]. Another descendant married (1660) the
Prince of Monaco, and is ancestress of the later Princes there.

William Addams Reitwiesner

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