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From: (Reedpcgen)
Subject: Gaveston, Gabaston, Gramont
Date: 26 Jan 2003 21:59:02 GMT
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We've discussed a bit about the Marsan and Lescun maternal connections of Piers
de Gaveston/Gabaston, Earl of Cornwall, but I did not check French sources to
see what their arms are.

That makes me curious, however, about this descent that was posted some time
ago and also appears on the web. How do people descend from Isabeau GRAMONT?

5. GRAMONT, Arnaud Raymond 1 brn., b. 1330?, d.23 Feb 1385? or 29 Dec 1384m.
BEARN, Marie deGabaston de, b. 1340?, d. 3 May 1397 [Arnaud Guill.sgr.Lescun
batard/m./Marie GABASTON]

4. GRAMONT, Bernard sgr.Haux de, b. 1360? Navarre, d. 1415? m. HAUX, Gracienne, b. 1360?, d. 1407?
Armand Guillaume d'/m./Marguerite d' HAUX]

3. GRAMONT, Gracien sgr.Haux de, b. 1385? Navarre, d. 28 Jun 1469 m.
CASTETPUGON, Catherine dm.Montory de, b. 1410?, d. 1470? [Assin]

2. GRAMONT, Roger brn.Haux de, b. 1440? Navarre, d. 8 Apr 1519
m. BEARN, Leonore de, b. 1461, d. 1509 [Bernard batard senech.Foix/m./Isabeau GRAMONT]

1. GRAMONT, Isabeau de, b. 1509 France, d. 1579 aft. m. LUXE, Jean 4, b.
1510?, d. 26 Jul 1559 [Jean 3 brn./m./Gabrielle brn.Fourquevaux d' YSALGUIER]


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